Alright well i recently bought all the parts i needed to build my own comp.

Mobo=Asus P4s800
CPU= Intel 2.8 Ghz
80gig HD

Well anyways i installed windows this morning and everything was working fine. I shut it down then came back about an hour later but the computer would start but nothing would be displayed on the screen

Plz Help Me :) :)

The only thing I could suggestive would be to check your video card. If ya got a spare one layin' around, swap it out with the one thats in there now.

Shoot i also forgot to mention that nothing else works... What i mean is that the mouse doesnt light up, and same with the keyboard, Anything that has to be plugged into a port at the back/front of the computer doesnt work. But it worked before, this only happenf when i started the computer up for the third time. Could it just be a faulty motherbaord.. If no one has any suggestions then i think im just gonna go and return it for a new one.

Thx in advance

You didn't smell anything, did you? If you just built it, you might not have installed your heatsink correctly.

I hope you don't mind me cutting and pasting my advice from another thread, but it applies here, too:

Strip the system down to motherboard and processor. Disconnect all external peripherals, and disconnect the power and IDE cables from the motherboard. Remove the PCI and AGP cards as well. This way, you can trace back step-by-step what part could be causing the failure.

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