Hi Daniweb! This would be my first post, so please, let me know any suggestions to improve my posting on your (On first impression) very well put together site.

I have searched the forum briefly for a related issue and could find none, if I missed a previous post, please let me know.

-I recently assembled a new system for a family member. On startup, I was getting major freeze issues where the whole system would lock up. Checked out the RAM timing, and found the RAM was being mis-timed by the motherboard. After correcting it, I was still experiencing these lockups. Diagnosed that my graphics card was faulty, so I got it exchanged for a tested part.

Now, the computer functions properly, but there is a startup issue. On a cold restart (All power is off then switched on) the computer will not initialize. POST displays, but when it reaches Windows startup it just stays as a black screen. When I initialize a warm restart (no power is cut off when restarted) the computer will boot without a hitch.

Now if it was the other way around, I would probably blame the memory for not dumping its load, but as its only on a WARM restart it works, im a little stumped.

Thanks in advance for your help, I posted in the hardware section because of my previous issues.

My system specs are at the family members house. I will be able to update the specifics later today, but heres a quick breakdown

Intel Q9600 Quad Core
ATI 4670 GPU
Seagate 320GB HDD
(Need motherboard info for exact)
Corsair 2gb RAM, timings 5-5-5-10

Like I said, if you need model numbers let me know.