I'm confused if anyone can help me clear this up i would be extatic
I'm trying to hook up a microphone to my pc and before you think it i'm not that dumb haha
i'm trying to hook up a profressional style mic not a desktop one meant for the pc, it has the same plug that all the others do but it doesn't work, i'm wondering if its because its a dynamic mic that may be the problem
if anyone could help me i would be debt to you

Chris C

I'm not going to guarantee this is right but...

I believe many, if not most/all, desktop sound cards take a Mono microphone input and professional mics are stereo. The difference between two and three conductive strips would make it not line up right. Consider going to Radioshack or an audio specialist and buy a stereo to mono adapter.

It is actually the other way around. Desktop sound card takes a 3.5 stereo jack, and mostly your professional mics are mono jacks, to fit into an outside mixer board. So the adapter should be a mono female to a stereo male.