Well it's Christmas and I just got the SoundBlaster LIVE! 24-bit sound card and I stuck it in my computer and installed all the software and it sounds great! BUT (here's the problem) I got another sound card so I could DJ with my comp and preview the music in my headphones, BUT for the life of me I can't find my old sound card, it's not listed in my devices anymore, My computer has the cheep-o sound card that's built in, like you can't take it out, I think somehow my computer doesn't think that it's important to me now that I got my shiny new one but it is! So I'm fishing to find some people who know about this. Basicly what I've done to try to find it is go into several programs, such as "Quick Sound Switch" and all that apears is, "sound Blaster Audigy" and "SRS Labs Audio Soundbox" (which is just a program that I installed that's supposed to improve your sound)

Thanks for the help in advance everybody!

okay I solved it! Here's what I did, I whent into the BIOS [ EXAMPLE ] (aka, turned of my computer and when the very first screen appeared, if you see the windows logo, you've gone too far, the screen should say the manufaturer of your computer, mine said Compaq, yours may say Dell, or HP or other things) I pushed F2 it may be different for your computer you should see a screen with really crappy graphics) and went on something like the advanced tab went down to something that said system audio or something, it said auto and I pushed enter and set it to on and they got out of it, they BAM! it was an option again!

Hope that helps for others,

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