Its crazy, my cdrw/dvd will not read burned cd's. It will read originals but if I burn a cd with it or any other burner it will not read it. Cds burned with this burner can be read by other CD-Roms but when I put the disk back into the burner it comes up as a black CD.

I have updated the firmware and still has the problem.

Bad Hardware maybe? Check the wires to make sure its connected in the right places on your motherboard. 1 end should connect to the Hardware itself in the back, and the other should connect to the Sound Driver.

If external useage, then check the USB to make sure its properly connected onto your CPU.

Oh, btw, it also makes such a small slight diffrence if this is an internal hardware and you have other CD/DVD Burners or other cd disc's installed. Like if you already have 1 or 2 installed then double check to see which is slave and master and all that doodad!

The CDRW is in a laptop. The strange thing is that it will read Cds that I have made earlier. I wonder if it could be that I am using cheap CDs.

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