Hi everyone,

My laptop (a Compaq Presario 700) is about to die, i think it only has a few weeks of life left in it, apparently due to bad clusters on the hard drive. Anyway, I love a project, so I hope somebody can help me.

I would like to try to detach the (naturally) flat screen from my laptop, in order to link it up to a desktop I might buy, thus getting a free (!) flat screen.

Yes, I know this is very cheap, and I know it will be hard to do, but surely it would be do-able? I mean, surely all a monitor needs is a power source and the ability to talk to the computer?

How would I go about doing this, if it is possible?

Thankyou incredibly in advance,


ps: as you might be able to tell, i do not know very much about computers, but love trying ridiculous things like this, so please talk to the layman...

Wow....umm...let me just say that to the best of my knowledge...that is not currently possible. The molded connector for a laptop monitor is configured to pull energy and sigal to/from the LCD panel, and is not easily converted to the VGA on most desktops.

Sorry about that...

Okay...let's modify my last comment with:

Okay...for all the folks bent on world destruction....I mean, hooking up their laptop LCDs to their computers....here is a helpful link.


That one took a bit of scowering the web, so use it wisely. :cheesy: