I have a new D850GB mobo with a 1.7 Ghz CPU.. 423 socket. got everything installed in it updated the bios and every driver that i could find but if i do anything like open IE or jsut a folder it locks up. if i jsut leave the PC on it's fine. I've tried everything from changeing the AGP card modem and put 2 new fans in the tower and it's still freezing up.. Anyone ahve any other ideas what the problem could be. Should also add that this is a brand new Mobo and processor.

1. What operating system?

2. Is the OS install fresh, or are you using a drive that already had Windows on it?

3. Do the problems occur when you boot into safe mode?

What's your power supply wattage?

Windows XP PRO SP1

freezes in safe mode

fresh install of windows yes windows was installed on the HD b-4

also tried with a new 120 gig HD w/ 8mb cache
250 watt power supply

one thing i did notice
intel active monitor is reading zone1 ,which i have no idea what part of the mobo it is, says that it is hot, like 179 i THINK i could b wrong. dont want to run that puter and ruin something.

one think i did come to realize is that the 2 AGP cards that i used where both 8x agp which my mobo wont handle. but i'm not sure if the agp card's where 4x capable or not. went to the website and all it listed was 8x

this is so damn frustrateing! :mad:

If you mean that Windows was already installed on the HDD, then the HDD was installed in the system, then that's the wrong way around to do things. Format and install again if that's the case. Windows XP does NOT handle motherboard change at all well!

it was a fresh install of windows when i put the HD in

Step 1: Check for hardware issues such as overheating (fans not working, heatsinks not attached firmly etc) or cards/RAM etc not firmly seated in their slots.

Also if you have more than 1 RAM module, especially if they are different brands, try using one at a time in Slot 1 to check if you have RAM incompatibilities.

Step 2: There's an almost infinite number of possibilities why your system could be acting like this, especially if you've installed everything at once.

Strip your system back to a 'bare-bones' system, with just your RAM, display card, hard drive and primary optical drive installed, and all onboard devices disabled in BIOS. Do a clean install of Windows.

Add your devices one by one, creating a System Restore checkpoint before each addition, and installing them correctly. This includes enabling your onboard devices. Check for stability after each addition.

Add your software programs one by one, again creating a checkpoint before each addition, and testing for stability before proceeding to the next.

Following that process will enable you to identify where the problem is coming from.

it was a fresh install of windows when i put the HD in

Was that a fresh install of Windows on the hard drive when you put it in, or a fresh install of Windows after you put the hard drive in?

i formatted HD B-4 i put it on newmobo.

the only thing that i ahve installed on the mobo is my modem and vid card.

i've tried doing it one by one createing a restore point after insalling each device and driver and it still didnt work..

the mobo not supporting 8x agp and the vid card as far as i kno is only 8x agp, would that cause it to heat up and freeze?

all fans are working and heat sinks seated properly..

does ne1 know what "zone 1" or how they zone or where i can find which part of the mobo is.. intel active monitor is saying zone one is running hot..

memory is matched pair and it's RDRAM so i cant install one stick at a time..

You're still not being clear with the info asked for, I'm afraid.

Did you install Windows XP on the hard drive before connecting the Hard drive to the mew motherboard? If so, this is the incorrect order of procedure. Windows XP should be installed to the hard drive AFTER it is fitted to the new motherboard. A motherboard change is seen by XP as 'being changed to a new system', and you run a high risk of things not working correctly, or even Windows refusing to boot.

If your display card is 'backwards compatible' then there should be no problems. Most AGP 8x cards are backwards compatible with AGP 4x, 1.5 volts.

I'm sorry, but I'm unaware what the Intel utility is reporting, I'm afraid.

prob fixed was a bad CRIMM

but now it's not recognizeing my cd burner

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