my computer is doing some weird thing were ill turn it on it will start up and get to the screen with the windows xp logo then a few seconds later it restarts and brings me to the screen telling me windows did not start up correct last time would you like to start in safe mode? i have no clue why it is doing this? can anyone help me?the computer works fine in safe mode ( im on it right now in safe mode) but it wont start up normaly or start up with last known good configuration!:'( :@
any help would be great

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Well, I would start by re-visiting what you have changed or installed (most) recently.

I would also question whether or not your AntiVirus software is (reliable) and up to date. There are so many reasons that your computer would do this that is will not be a quick answer type thing; it would involve process of elimination.

I am assuming you selected "safe mode with networking", since you were able to post a question. :)
Other questions ---
When did the problem first occur?
Have you attempted using a restore point?
Is there any other specific information in the error(s) you receive?

It could be that a service is failing (A Windows service
is an 'always on' application that is constantly running in the background of your system; not to be confused with program applications). Some of these are programmed (or set) to reboot the computer when they fail.

If you are not familiar with what servies are, what they do, and the general underlying programming that WinXP has, I do NOT recommend you dive in and just start changing or disabling them.

It could be a bad driver (do you have Windows Live Update set to do the drivers, or just Critical updates?) I do not (personally) recommend trusting Windows alone on driver updates, but do recommend doing Critical Updates as they come available.


Funny enough I have the same problem with one of the PCs at my work place, it's not the first time this particular PC has done this either.

The first time it did this after I had just re-installed what I think was a corrupt or incomplete copy of Xp and recently it did the same when I tried to re-install some printer drivers. In any case now I can't even start in any of the safe modes and I'm seriously thinking of reloading again. Don't be like me though, check the forum for a list of windows services or the site blackviper.com if you don't find any on this forum.


Before you read any of the rest of this -- Please be very careful if you tinker around in services.msc...

there is a specific service called RPC Locator. It has right click settings for when the service fails. By default it reboots the computer when the service fails (first, second, third failure). You can set this to "restart service" for the first two, leave it for reboot computer for the third... that way you will at least be aware that there is a problem if it does fail.

RPC Locator was the service affected by (it was either) Code Red or the Sasser worm(s). It basically caused the computer to reboot spontaneously and in a loop. Changing the setting to the service did not eradicate the virus, but it allowed you to stay up long enough to work through the fix.

*** before you change any settings in this utility, you have to be aware that you could change something that could completely disable your system. You need to do research (try to find a reputable source) and I would also recommend writing down the name of any service and its current setting - before changing it, and also what you changed the setting to be. ***

BUT - I agree with cguan about checking for malware if you have not already done so. There are many free utilities to do this; Spybot Search and Destroy, and LavaSoft Adaware are two that I have used. (you can find them pretty easily by searching by name). One other I have read about but have not used-- is Spyware Doctor from pctools.com.

If you need a freeware antivirus there is AVG Antivirus (avg.com) and ClamWin (clamwin.com). PCtools (pctools.com) also has a freeware antivirus utility.

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