The issue I have is installing a Radeon 9250 PCI video card into an Acer Power SX with an S57M motherboard. I am using Windows XP.

I have updated the BIOS and installed the drivers for the card. When I go into the BIOS and switch ‘primary display adapter’ to auto, the system connects to the card. However it gets as far as the windows screen, which it shows very dimly, and then it freezes.

The only way I can get the computer to boot up is by going back into BIOS and switching ‘primary display adapter’ back to ‘onboard’. Windows will then start but this obviously bypasses the card. I can then see that the Radeon 9250 has been recognized and is showing in device manager. When I click on it I get the message that the device is working properly.

As I say, I have tried flashing the BIOS and updating drivers for motherboard and card. I have also tried disabling the onboard chip (SiS630E) in device manager. I have also checked the card on a separate computer and found that it works OK. I have checked the manual and seen that no jumpers are required and new cards should be recognized where ‘primary display adapter’ is on auto.

I have run out of ideas really, as I cannot get the computer to boot up through the graphics card. Any ideas?

Could there possibly be an overheating problem with the new graphics card? hmm.. I would try booting with the onboard video, then try installing drivers to the new graphics card. Then reboot and see what happens. If that doesn't work, you should uninstall the drivers, do a cold reboot, and try to reinstall them again..