First off, I'm a computer networking major so having to go online with my problem is kind of embarrassing.

That said, this is my first build for personal usage and first time messing with SATA. I bought parts off Newegg and built my new system, yet I am unable to boot from my Windows XP Pro CD. It is a legit boot up CD, not burned.

System specs:
Antec 1200 case
Corsair HX520 PSU
Asus P5Q PRO mobo, bios revision 1613
e8400 @ 3.0
G Skill 4 GB ddr2 1066
Sapphire 4870 512gb
WD Caviar Black 640GB, 32MB cache - sata
LG 22x DVD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM – sata

There are 2 errors I am seeing, depending on which SATA connection I plug my HDD in to.

If my HDD is plugged into the red 1-6 SATA ports, then I get the error:
'Sata # Drive - Atapi Incompatible' # being which slot it is plugged in to.

If my HDD is plugged into the orange SATA port with Asus’ Drive Xpert feature set to NORMAL(like I’m supposed to according to manual), then I get the error:
‘Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key’

My thoughts:
BIOS recognizes both drives and I’m pretty sure (85%) that this is not a BIOS setting problem. I’ve read the manual like 10 times and checked tons of online resources trying to figure this out.

Small chance it could be the physical setup, but SATA drives don’t use jumpers and the cables can’t really go in the wrong way so I’m not sure what could be causing this anymore, plus like I said, the BIOS recognizes both drives.

Another thing I noticed, the dvd-rom IS spinning, but I could not tell if the HDD was or not.

Any help is HIGHLY appreciated.

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It would help if you reported the port numbers rather than the colours. The port numbers are printed on the mobo.

Anyway, is there anything of a RAID flavour lurking in there?

The BIOS settings - what have you got for

Storage Configuration
SATA n (where n is the port for the HDD)
SATA m (where m is the port for the CD drive)

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