Hi this happened to me about 1 month ago and I thought I had fixed it by resetting the CMOS it has worked flawlessly for a month till today and this same issue has reappeared: Hi, I'm not too computer literate but I do know a little, my computer was on today, it had been on probably 2 hours, and I checked it about 5 minutes before this happened and all was well. When I looked at it the computer was at the Intel Inside Pentium 4 screen a little box saying this and it seemed to be frozen, I suspected to be at this screen it must have rebooted by itself??? It wouldn't go any further, I turned it off and restarted it but again got to this screen and stopped, doesn't get to the windows screen at all. The computer has power the little blue light comes on all the fans are working but there is no beep, I cannot even get it to go to the BIOS. About 4 months ago I replaced the PSU and the hard drive about 8 months ago, when i replaced the power supply I also reseated the CPU and all has been working very well for the past 4 months till now. Just wondering if someone can help with this and where do I start!!!!!
I do have a spare computer, can I use this computer to test things, but I don't want to bugger this one up tooo, any help is appreciated, thank you

I am hoping someone out there can help me try and resolve this frustrating problem, I have today checked my hard drive in another computer and it seems ok, I have taken my two ram sticks out one by one and tried it but didn't change it, any suggestions I can try or test I would appreciate, thank you

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Hey take it to techie\service center ... i m sure the bios chip is the problem .. just get a new bios chip.

Thanks all for looking, I took the computer apart reseated the heatsink and the video card, uninstalled the video card reinstalled all drivers, gave the computer a good dust clean out checked all connections, replaced the CMOS battery put it back together and it works again, I do really think it is an overheating CPU problem but I am certainly no expert, as it does work but occasionally I do strike the same problem mainly when the computer locks up/freezes as it loads all the programs, (I have now taken off a lot of programs, seems to boot ok now) after it freezes up I would turn it off and then the problem would reoccur and I'd wait about 2 hours and try it again without touching anything and it would boot straight up so I think the 2 hours of cooling has something to do with it, this is why I am putting it down to overheating. Thank you all for looking.

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