OK i've been trying to install Windows Vista recently and i've been unable to get past the very first screen due to my keyboard and mouse not responding, i'm running a Red Saitek Eclipse (1, not 2, wish it was though ;)) and a Razer Krait.

Both run absolutely fine when it comes to actually entering XP, i've been fiddling around in my bios for hours trying to find stuff that might do it when i found 2 options,

  • USB Keyboard Support [Enabled/Disabled] was set to disabled
  • USB Mouse Support [Enabled/Disabled] Was set to disabled

so i enabled both options and tried running setup again, and my keyboard and mouse STILL refused to budge when it came to selecting my region and keyboard layout and stuff.

When i push the adjust brightness for the backlighting on my keyboard it works fine, but just to test i furiously stabbed at the num lock and other lock keys and i got nothing, i'm seriously pissed about this, could anyone give me a hand?

If it helps; my mobo is a Foxconn 661FX7MJ running a Celeron D at 2.93 GHz stock, 1 GB RAM, 1 IDE HDD, and 2 IDE Optical drives

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i got the same problem i have heard that it should work if you got a keyboard and mouse with ps/2 connection


I have run into this problem in various forms and usually have to resort to ps/2 mice/kbds -- and I have to dig pretty deep into the 'old tech' drawer to find them. I finall bought a usb to ps/2 bender.

hope this helps

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