My friend want me to him installing Windows XP SP2 in his old Tecra 8100. Installation going fine, and just after I left it turn on for about 15 minutes (go to bathroom), it went blank and never turn on again. The only light on are the first one on the left side (power lamp?) with orange color and blinking. It has P3 600 MHz, 128 PC100 SDRAM, and 12 GB HDD. Please help me...

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Have you pulled the power yet? Sounds like a "standby" or "hibernate" state - if so you MAY have just screwed the patching - Try holding the power button for about 8 seconds and then restarting in the normal way (or you could just pull the power cable!) IF the machine restarts I suggest rolling the machine back before the SP2 install - restart - re-install SP2

hope this helps


Sorry, I can't online for days... I've tried pressing power button for 8 seconds and still didn't work.. unplugging battery and just using power cord, still only most left lamp blinking in orange... Windows XP SP2 has installed successfully, not dead in patching SP2.. Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks...


Sorry, it didn't work. Unplugged battery and power cord, and pressing power button for 30 seconds, didn't work. Any other suggestion will be appreciated, thank you...

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