I built a computer and installed BeOS 5 on it. It was running fine until I decided to upgrade(uh... upgrade?) it and put an extra fan in the front since the only fan it had was the CPU heatsink. However, now when I [try to] start the computer, not only does the new fan sit there idle, but BeOS boots abnormally fast and right when the desktop is supposed to show up the computer just completely shuts off. The power light isn't on anymore either. Removing the new fan didn't help. Here's the computer specs in case it helps:


  • AMD K6/2 300 MHz processor(yes, I realize 300 MHz is slow but its ok for my needs)
  • not sure what kind of motherboard it is, but it's got 3 PCI and 3ISA slots and a socket 7 CPU slot
  • 6 GB HD formatted with Be File System
  • One 3 1/2" floppy drive and one "generic" CD ROM

Thanks in advance,

did you take all necessary precautions when opening your PC, like touching metal etc.

( i think you might have fried something ) but im not 100% sure so please wait for my opinion to be backed.

Yep, I touched the metal several times while I was installing the fan. Just to see if that was the case though, I replaced the motherboard with an identical one(don't ask me how a person winds up with 2 identical motherboards) and it was worse. It didn't even get to show anything on the screen beefore it shut off. I'd guess it stayed on about 2 seconds but I'm too afraid to turn it back on to see. The model name of the hard drive just happens to be "Quantum Fireball" :lol:

PS: I'm suspecting the power supply now but I don't have a spare one to test my theory.

I have the same problem witha new Motherboard & CPU (3300 Mhz )

changed memory, power supplies

starts only for a few seconds & shuts down

I've similar problem as this. Only my problem occurs about 4 months after building the PC. It was fine before, then it just starts acting up. Now I start the PC for a few seconds before it shuts down.

Anyways, I'm still thinking about the solution.