Has anybody heard of the Aerocool Lubic Case? You get to build your own computer case.

Yes, I have. Wouldn't think of getting one in a fit!


That's expense and effort laid out to construct a frame to mount PC parts in, and it doesn't even include panels to close it off and protect the components from dust and such!

It'd have to be, in my personal opinion, one of the sillier PC products to have ever been brought to market. I saw some photos a while back of a PC that a fellow had built into a cardboard shoe box. It looked far more sensible and functional than an open frame which looks like a meccano set construction!

Thanks, but you have to admit some of the designs are cool - like the airplane with the spinning propeller. And the kit does come with plexiglass to keep dust out.

Dunno where you saw different, but every mention I've seen of the 'case' mentions only an acrylic motherboard panel, to mount the motherboard on. No side panels at all were listed.

As far as I'm aware, that's an open frame, not a case.

Is that that bad? The computer stays cool, and you wouldn't have it running 24/7, so the dust won't be too bad.

It's only my own opinion I've aired :D

Whether or not dust will be a problem depends on the environment it's located in of course. At the very least, with an open system like that, I'd be keeping an airbed pump handy to regularly blow it down clean and keep it looking nice. PCs attract dust that you never knew existed!

And of course there's alway the problem of prying fingers. I f there's likely to be any littlies about, I'd be advicing you keep that open plan PC well out of reach!

But if it's your 'thing' then fine. Me though, nah!!!! I reckon they look silly!


Thanks for your advice. Do you know C++? I need help with a few questions. I posted them under TO CHAINSAW or anybody else who knows C++.


No, I'm a hardware fella, not a coder. Those questions belong in the appropriate forum section.

I'm open to more opinions...

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