Has anyone had the experience of upgrading this laptop? I can't tell if the Toshiba Satellite 2805-S202 can handle a simple upgrade or if I need to do a clean install. Also, I have a corporate CD-RW from the office but the laptop will not read it. I get an "unknown" error message. No opening screen. Of course, the DVD is not operational in "safe" mode.

Any help would be appreciated.


Run the 'Upgrade Advisor' on the Windows XP CD. If it reports incompatible progrmas, uninstall them. If it reports incompatible device drivers, try for Windows 2000 ones from the product download page:


Windows 2000 drivers are always next best if Windows XP ones aren't available.

Officially the product is unsupported for XP, but it's worth a try. The best course of action would be to wipe clean, install XP, and then load any device drivers (2000 version) for devices which XP doesn't automatically detect and install.

You can always wipe again and reload Me if necessary - all the device drivers for that are on the dowload page!

Thanks for the info, Cat. I've been on the Toshiba site and read as much as I can find about the unit. The S202 is mentioned as upgradable (and I understand is not supported by Toshiba in the upgrade) but it is not mentioned nor can I find info on this particular model specifically. Also, I would perform the action you suggested except the DVD will not read the CD-RW upon which XP is written. Any further suggestions?



heh heh........

Get a retail XP CD of course ;)

Glad to be of help with the laptop, but I'm afraid Forum Rules forbid assistance with other than legitimate software.

This is a legit copy I asked for from the company I work for because ME keeps crashing on my sales calls. I've talked with their tech people (I am in a remote office on the opposite coast) who tell me there may be a problem with the DVD drive if it can't read the CD. I don't seem to have problems with other CD's. They are going to send another and I will see if that works. If not I will ask to expense a retail upgrade.
But, even with that I am concerned that I need to do a clean install rather than simply upgrade and leave all my settings in place. Of course I have a backup of the files I need but I've worked with this laptop for quite a while and don't want to lose the custom stuff.

Fair call - I as merely being cautious and I hope my comment hasn't offended.

The copy should have been made using a 'cloning' process. If the files and folders have simply been copied across to a CD-RW session the disk isn't fully functional. Nero's 'Copy CD' function should be adequate to the task.

Upgrading isn't a good option at all! You've stated that you're having stability problems with your existing installation, and those would be replicated and perhaps worsened with an 'over the top' install of XP.

You would definitely be best to perform a clean install, but consider that if you do it with a 'Retail Upgrade' CD you will need an earlier Windows CD for verification of eligibility during the installation.

Mike, Hello! My name is Wayne. I have the same computer...same OS...with what sounds like the same problems with the CD...etc..... I found your post about upgrading to XP because I am thinking about it too.

Did you do it yet? Did it work for you? Did you do a clean install or 'over the top'?

I do appreciate any advice or recommendations you can give.... :)

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