Hi I am looking to buy a mac laptop that is able to operate industry standurd software, can anyone tell me a spec suitable to do this...i have looked at a few although coming from a pc i understand macs do not need as high a spec to run at the same level.

i have checked out this spec:

CPU: MPC 7400 (G4)

CPU speed: 400

FPU: integrated

Maximum RAM: 1.5 GB

Number of sockets: 4, PC100 SDRAM DIMM

Minimum speed: 100 MHz/10 ns


ROM: 1 MB ROM + 3 MB toolbox ROM loaded into RAM

L1 cache: 32 k data, 32 k instruction

L2 cache: 1 MB backside (1:2)

Data path: 64 bit

Bus speed: 100 MHz

System Software: OSX + 9

slots: 3 64-bit 66Mhz PCI, 1 133MHz (2x) AGP (used by graphics card)

SCSI: optional

USB: 2

FireWire: 2 external, 1 internal

Zip: optional

AirPort: optional

HD: 10 - 20 GB Ultra ATA-66


Display: ATI RAGE 128 Pro 2D/3D AGP graphics card, supports all resolutions

Sound Output: stereo 16 bit

Sound Input: stereo 16 bit

Ethernet: 10/100B-T

Power: 200 Watts

Weight: 28.7 lbs.

Dimensions: 17" H x 8.9" W x 18"

is this upto scratch or does it need to be better spec and if so wot sort of spec?

thanks in advance

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What you have there is a G4 Tower computer that ran at 400 Mhz, with some expansion options. It is not the newest / fastest beast on the market, but for a good used price, it will make someone a nice home computer, or in the office for moderate tasks.

What do you plan on doing with the machine? If you need the fastest, newest, bang-for-buck, this model will not do it for you. Latest Macs are dual processor, 2 GHz units... much faster than this one. If you are doing digitial video / photo imaging, or running Quark / Indesign / Ragtime, you will probably want to look for something faster / newer.

If you are looking for college student type things, home use, non-time-critical things, it will be a nice computer, and serve you for a few years. It is faster than mine at home, and it looks like a nice machine.

I would deck it out with 512 MB of RAM, and put a CD/DVD burner in it though.


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