i know that there are already numerous posts about this. I recently moved my computer around, and after replugging my printer and my digital camera back in they will not work. I have windows 2000 and i have no idea what to do. can someone please help me?

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Are you connecting your devices straight to the PC, or through a USB hub of some sort?

If your using a hub, make sure it is powered, Printers especially are not too keen on working on 'un-powered' USB hubs.

Also, how many USB sockets do you have?

Some motherboard BIOS's allow you to specify how many USB ports you want enabled, for example on my board I can enable between 4 and 8 USB ports, If I only enable 4 of them, then the 4 extra ports at the bottom of the case will not operate.

If you are connecting your devices into the computer, and you have tried all ports and nothing makes a difference, go to your Control Panel, System, Device Manager.

go down to where it says Universal Serial Bus Controllers, click the + sign,
you will see a list of devices, probably something like this
via rev5 usb host controller
via rev5 usb host controller
usb printing support
usb mass storage controller
usb root hub
usb root hub

right click on the ones that say via or intel or SIS, or ALI, or Standard open host controller, and choose uninstall.

you will be asked if your sure, and you will see some of the USB root hubs disappear.

If you are asked to restart, choose no, and remove the other via/sis/intel/etc open host controller (s) from your system, when they have all been removed restart your computer.

when the computer restarts, it will detect the USB controller and connected devices, reinstall the drivers/software (So you may need any CD's that came with your Printer and Camera) And you will probably be asked to restart the machine again, choose to restart, and all should be fine again.

Let me know if this helps, or if you need me to clarify anything

SE (Dave)

ok please bear with me, im not the most computer smart person. the devices plug right into the back of the computer, and theres 2 of them. so does that mean they arent usb? and i tried the uninstallation, but when i restarted it didnt detect anything.

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