My hardware:
Soyo K7ADA V1.0 motherboard with Ali MAGiK1 Chipset with USB on the chip itself.
Amd 2000+ processor
256mb ddr ram
Lexmark Z32 Printer
Don't think anything else is going to be of importance....

I'm running win xp pro. I just formatted and reinstalled windows and now it doesn't detect my printer. So to print now I have to get the laptop and make a temporary LAN. My laptop prints perfectly. I didn't need to install any drivers or anything (it also is running xp).
That leads me to believe that the problem lies in the driver for the USB port but I don't know why that would have a problem on a clean install. I have already tried searching for new hardware and it didn't find anything.
Anyone have any idea why this is happening and/or what I can do about it?

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Yep, there are some issues with Win XP. If it is not detecting it right off the bat from the USB that is quite common for the OS. You have to manually install it. Unfortunatly plug and play can only do so much.

I had already tried installing the printer manually with no luck. Now I installed my USB scanner and that doesn't work either. The problem must be in the USB connection.
Let me remind you that the usb "plug" is on the motherboard.
I'm guessing I have to install a driver for it or something but I could use some help here with more specific instructions. In my past installations of Windows on this machine, it has always worked fine automatically.

any ideas?

May be two things
1) you mother board may have been damaged and the USB is useless! Unlikely. Normal damage to most board will show up in the BIOS load. Second, ports are rarely damaged this days do to board intergration tech.
2) You installed the wrong driver for the board or USB. Easy fix. Open device manager and delete all USB drivers. Down load the currect and most recent drivers. leave the printer unpluged from the computer. Restart the computer. The Plug and Pray (I mean play) will auto detect the missing USB drivers. install the new ones. do not allow auto search. Then plug in the printer. The sound should sound that a new deviece was deteched and you are done. let me know!

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