I finally got my webserver back up. Unfortunatly, it keeps droping the connection to my router. I have changed the NIC card from a Linksys to a D-Link. I changed the cable. I switched the PCI slot the card was in on the motherboard. I also changed the port the computer was connected to on my router. I even reinstalled windows. Any ideas? Why does it keep droping the connection? All of the other computers on the network are working without a hitch.

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Does your Windows server show you anything in the logs? Card maybe resetting? Power glitch? Are both systems on UPS backup power? Any functions in the BIOS for putting the box to sleep? Anything in Windows OS to put the thing to sleep?

Some NIC card drivers allow the OS to power them down to conserve power. Check each NIC card out for this setting.

Servers should have power management completely disabled, unless there is a shutdown service that a smart UPS can talk to to smoothly bring down a system if necessary.




No nothing shows up in the logs. I did not try the power settings in windows. None of the systems are on UPS. I will look in the bios and the windows power settings. Thanks for the info. I'll try and post the results.


ok Problem solved... I think. I tried the power settings. Of course, they didn't work. Not long after I changed them, windows crashed, again. The second fresh install of windows, nothing else but windows. I also couldn't see my extra 60 drive. I have come to the conclusion that the motherboard is on its way out. I am ordering a new one shortly. Thanks for your help.

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