I recently purchassed a used P4 processor from ebay but to my surprise processor had some bent pins. i msged the seller and he askes me to fix em using tweezerz. now iam confused which tweezer to use, there r so many tweezers in the market.. could anyone of u reccomend me a tool fix this problem?


milan italia

Depending on how many and how badly they are bent will determine the best way to fix the problem.

I have used razor blades and credit cards, I happen to have access to dental instruments so I have used some of those as well.

If you have more than a few and they are bent at more than a 45' angle I would seriously consider returning the CPU.


Unless the seller says it was sold as-is, you shouldn't have to fool with doing that. Bent pins can be grounds for replacing a processor, as sometimes the traces inside of the chip can actually be broken, and you'd never know it. If they're only slightly crooked, like Thong_Ispector mentioned, then you might be okay adjusting them.

I'd recommend NEVER buying computer parts on ebay...

If they're TOO bad, send it back... else if not, then bend em back.


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