ok this might solve my other problem.
I have the IDE cable plugged into my mobo and then the other 2 connectors, the first connector goes to my cdrw which right now is not plugged in and has no jumpers, the last one on the cable goes to my dvdrw which is plugged in and has no jumpers in. The dvdrw works fine now, but if I plug the cdrw in I lose the dvdrw. I changed the IDE cable already 2 times for that fact. In the bios it shows that the dvdrw is in secondary ide, when I plug the cdrw in it shows that in the secondary ide and the dvdrw is gone. Which spot on the ide cable is ment for the master drive and the slave drive?

Jumper the drives as 'Master' and 'Slave'. Then attach the Master drive to the end connector and the slave drive to the middle connector. that method works for just about any combination of drives you can fit to an IDE channel.

Very, very occasionally, you might strike a combination of equipment which will not work in that configuration. In that case, you will likely have success in setting both drives to 'Cable Select', in which case the drive on the middle connector will be recognised as Master, and the drive on the end connector as Slave.

In the very rarest of circumstances, you might strike two drives, one of which needs to be set to Cable Select and the other specifically jumpered, in this circumstance, remember that Cable Select configures the middle connector as Master, unlike specific jumpering. You'll have to work it out for yourself if you strike such a combination, but I'm sure one of the two preferred methods will work for you.

I did that after I posted and everything seems fine for now. I also took the new ide cable out and put a eide cable in its place. Not sure if it was the cables that I was using, but its working for now. Thanks again

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