well I fixed my whole problem with my drives but now win 2000 sees my cdrw as a cd rom. I noticed in another post that you can change it in the regedit on win xp. is there a way to do this in win 2000? I tried to find it in the reg like they said to do for win xp and its not there.I can still burn cds.

Well if you can still burn CD's then the computer recognises it as a cd burner. If I remember right you said you have a Lite-on CD Burner, usually what I recommend to customers, but they have some firmware out that might fix that. Even if it's not Lite on, check for firmware on the home page of the company. There is a way to do it through the registry, but I'm unfamilliar with Win 2000. Check the properties of the cd rom in My Computer.


Win2K does not itself support CD burning as does XP.
You need to install the CD burning software that came with your drive (or purchase another package elsewhere).

Ok but the dvd-rw icon has a disk with an pencil eraser on it.
the cd-rw is a benq and it says cd-rom under the icon. I was wondering if you can change it to look like the dvd-rw. not that it matters to me it works thats what matters. just wanted to know for the looks thats all. :lol: