Hey guys,
I have been given the task of attempting to recover some data from a hard drive. This is what I know:

-The hd failed the READ test, READ VERIFY test, and Internal Cache test.

-When I plug it in using IDE cables, or using a IDE->USB external case it shows up as explorable.

-Typical directories like Program Files, WINDOWS, etc. show up but ONLY as unknown files

Any ideas?

Thanks PO

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try using parted magic???

My cousin had a computer fail...and his hard drive was INACCESSIBLE...you could see it in the Disk Management window...but the hard drive showed up as unallocated (black colored) ...and a friend of his recovered it with Parted Magic...he gave me a copy of the CD...BUT...I have never yet used it...

so give it a try...it might work...


Try to use your hard disk as a slave it might help you .
If your data still not recoverable then this is for sure your hard disk is dead and it needs data recovery services. First try as i suggest then you can use data recovery software for your hard disk and your last chance to get you data back is data recovery company.Best in the industry which is i know is stellar information systems it is a India based company you can try this company.It might help you.
If you want more information you can check http://www.stellarinfo.com/

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Two monthes ago I bought Advanced File Recovery when I deleted very important files from my PC. And this tool helped me to rescue all information. As i know this program can work with different media types.


Hi, please try Data Recovery Wizard to recover it.

But note whatever software you will use, please don't do any change (rewrite/reformat/delete) or install the software on the drive which you are going to recover data from.

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