I have a Gateway MX8711 laptop and it has started to have problems. Upon turning on the machine the light comes on to show it has power, I hear the fan start up but the screen never comes on. I turned it off then tried again and it booted up, but now that does not work either, does anyone know what is going on?

Take the battery out and remove AC power for @ 15 minutes. Plug the laptop back in, and then try to boot it. If that doesn't work, take the memory out and try to boot again. You should get a beep code. If not, you have a motherboard or processor problem. If it does beep, put one stick of RAM back in, and try to boot. If that fails, try the other stick(s).

Pulled out the batt and unplugged, waited 15 re-plugged in and tried to boot, power came on, the fan came on then the fan kicked into overdrive and then it just slowly came to a stop. It had not done that in previous attempts. I took out the memory and retried, it did the same thing, however I did not hear any beeps, not sure what exactly I would hear? Any other suggestions?

Dead gateway detection is used by the TCP component of Windows TCP/IP to detect the failure of the default gateway and to adjust the IP routing table to use the next default gateway when there are multiple default gateways configured.

To enable dead gateway detection, set the registry value EnableDeadGWDetect under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters to 1. To disable dead gateway detection, set the registry value to 0.

Note: 1. Dead gateway detection monitors only TCP traffic. If connectivity fails for other types of traffic, the default gateway is not switched.
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Beerad007 - you should have heard a beep code booting the pc without any ram in it. If you didn't that means there is a problem before the system gets to the ram check. In most cases, that means a bad motherboard, but could be a bad cpu. Neither diagnostic is good for a laptop.

I recently had the same problem with a gateway laptop, it would turn on but not boot but then crash and would boot up. What turned out to be the problem was the pins on the HDD adapter were bent slightly and so the HDD was not connecting all the time. Hopefully that helps.

I have a Gateway 450ROG I have a similar problem but I can see a Gateway logo screen briefly but then the laptop shuts down. I tried a new 256 memory card thinking that the memory was low only because the low virtual memory warning came up before it started doing this .i will try your suggestion without the memory installed to see if It will fix my problem. thanks