My gateway mx7120 won"t boot up. Blue screen with error message that reads "STOP: ox0000007E (ox80000003,ox8053331E,oxF7A6550C,oxF7A65208)" The computer has a system recovery on hard drive that you can access with f11 key. While doing this, a box appears that says "System Restore environment is incomplete! System Restore reinstalls the environment." I click the ok button and it says to "please insert System Restore CD/DVD #1 now." I put the disc into the dvd drive and it tries to read it for 10 to 15 seconds and the kicks it out with the same message on the screen.
If I press f10 on start up and change boot order so that cdrom is the first option and put in my Gateway Operating System Disc it tries to read it but won't boot up from it.
Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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STOP: ox0000007E (ox80000003,ox8053331E,oxF7A6550C,oxF7A65208)

The 07e is basically a RAM error. While you MIGHT have some bad RAM more than likely you've encountered a memory crash which is verily suggested by the rest of your remarks.
You can use a lens cleaner for the drive itself and stick the System Restore disc in another machine. It doesn't have to do anything, it's just a test to see if the disc can actually be read. If you get the label info and some folder info in windows explorer it's a safe bet that the problem is actually in the laptop.
The other four sets of numbers is most likely the software id of the (drivers) that were in play at the time of the error.
The bad news is that you probably have a virus that destroyed the system info on the drive and prevents recovery by blocking the read function on the CD/DVD drive.
The next step is to see if you can get a disc boot with the HD disconnected.

Thank You mechbas for your reply.

I tried the restore disc in my desktop and it works fine. I just tried to boot up with the hard drive disconnected with no luck. I got a black screen with white printing that says:

"PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.
Operating system not found"

I get this screen with any cd in the drive and also when the drive is empty.

I appreciate the help and if you think of anything else that might work please respond.

Thanks again.

Hi friend,
the best thing you may do here is format the drive and reloading your windows i know your going to loose all of your data and programmes but you should have all this on a backup system yes?
but before you go ahead and do all of this just try and take out all hardware Ram,Video card , HDD,from mother board and the CPU batt with all leads then replace one by one until all are connected up again then start your computer up see what happens....!
good luck :)

Before you go and shoot the machine or yourself in the foot, if you have a spare external CD drive you might try to boot from that. That should eliminate a bad internal CD drive. If that works you can try to clean the HD of any possible infection from there.

Appreciate the info Candyman1

I am not very good with computers so I hope that you don't get frustrated with me. It is my daughter's laptop and unfortunately I don't have it backed up. I do have a spare copy of windows xp that would work but the dvd drive won't read the disc. Like I said, I'm not very good with computers so I don't know how to format the drive when my laptop won't boot up? Other than replacing a keyboard once, I have never been inside a laptop before to dismantle all of the components.

Thanks for you reply.


I don't have an external dvd drive but I would buy one if it will work.

I am not very good at technical stuff with a computer so I would like to ask a question. Does an external dvd drive hook up through a usb port and if so, would it work if I put that usb port #1 in my boot up sequence or would it fail to recognize it because it wouldn't have the driver installed for it?

That you could buy a external CD drive that would hook up via a USB port is quite probable. However, I wouldn't go out and buy one on the maybe that it's going to return the laptop to service, and, at this point that is not a certainty. It was mentioned as a possible means to check the validity of the existing CD drive.
If you have a valid OEM setup disc it will be able to partition and format the existing hard drive. Once that is done however, whatever was on it is gone. I was thinking that you could have another CD drive installed in the place of what is probably a defective one. I'm not quite ready yet to say that the entire machine is toast. Further, I was hoping that you could clean any possible existing virus off of the HD. While it's technically possibe to do so I strongly recommend caution as viruses have a way of jumping from one drive to another if you were to hook it up to a up and running system. In addition, it's possible that a power surge destroyed your CD and erased, etc. the HD's partition and format info.

I was talking to my daughter and she said that she doesn't need anything recovered from this laptop. She is going to trade it in at a computer shop near her home this weekend so I'm going to discontinue this thread.

I want to thank you mechbas and candyman1 for your help.

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