I have a memory issue. When I put 2x256mb 333mhz mushkin ram into my motherboard (soyo kt600) it becomes unstable and crashes at times. But when I put only one dimm module it becomes perfectly stable and never crashes at all. I want to use both dimm modules with no problems. I have tried switching slots, updating bios, I don't know what else I can do. Maybe it is a setting on bios? If so please tell me, I really appreciated... thanks...

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i assume you are using compatable ram sticks? if so are u trying to put in more than recommended for your system? they have limits.. also one of your sticks may be damaged.. when you put one in (and it's ok) is it just one particular stick? or can u use either stick..just as long as there's only one in there?


Put both sticks in when you do this...


Download the 3.0 version, boot up with it on a floppy, test it for a few hours, see what errors it reports.

The board supports those memory speeds, but that doesn't rule out the fact that one of your sticks could be bad.

Does it seem to be only one stick?

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