A few days back the battery led started flashing continuously, while I was still using the laptop. I turned off the laptop immediatedly and noticed that the laptop was quite hot.

I let it cool down and powered it up after 20 minutes. This time the Power led came on, the wifi led blinked and went out, the hard drive led came on and I heard something like fan spinning, or the hard drive spinning(not sure whihc) and after about 3 seconds all went dead.

I checked the battery charge indicator and after pressing its button none of the LEDs lit up.
Now it has the same "3 second then dead" behavior with or without the dead battery, with power-supply plugged in.

So I borrowed my friend's D620 battery with charge indicator showing 5 green lights, and that has not changed a thing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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First of all, where was the laptop hot? Was there and sort of ozoney smell?

did anyone solve this issue im syuck just replaced the motherboard 3-4 months ago then the above problem starting happening and im so aggrevated need some good advise thanks

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