hey guyz, by mistake I clicked format for the drive D, but after just about 15 secs after it started i cancelled it, now whenever i try to open this D drive it says "u need to format the disk in drive D before u can use it", is there no way i can get it back without formatting it?

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hey Lion of desert,

I think you may have to resort to Data recovery software such as Norton or Partition Magic. If it was a quick format then your FAT or NTFS tables might have been partially or completely wiped.

However here is the good news there are free tools you can use to try and recover the data first. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk
I'd recommend trying this software first before running out to buy norton.


there is a tool for it you format that drive and youy can get your data back by a tool name (get data back) use that utility and u will find ur data back.

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