-msi k8t neo
-amd 1.8 athlon 64
-windows xp sp2
-logitech cordless mouse and KB

I'm an idiot, I know. It's my first time building a computer, and wanted to do some exploring. So everything is fine for a couple weeks, so i decide to be a genius and adjust overclocking. well i went from 200 to 220MHZ fsb. computer crashed..reboot and i get an error to use windows recovery.... reboot..error disappears, boots up... but having problems getting the keyboard or mouse to work... or just keyboard works and no mouse.... reboot about 10 times to try and get mouse and kb to work... then no boot... bios seems to boot... but doesn't even get into windows or windows boot screen...straight to black screen... tryed loading windows cd to do windows repair... gets to part where it says press key to boot from cd... press key... says scanning system config... freezes... did i fry something???, i can get into bios with no problem, as long as theKB is recognized--(p.s. sometimes bios wont see KB),,,, please help

Can we assume that you clocked it back to factory specs or reset it to failsafe mode...

Have you tried to do a fresh install instead of system repair.

Since you have another computer available (since you are online) can you make a boot floppy so you can boot to it and format your old system down should it come to that...

Do you have a linux LiveCD to try out... Knoppix, Mepis or any of those...?

Have you checked the thermal grease between your cpu and heatsink/fan ?
(Dont use too much...)

If you have any spare ram you might want to swap it into the system and pull the other out...

Just a couple of ideas...

Reset CMOS. If the system fails to POST correctly after an overclock, then physically resetting CMOS is the standard procedure for correcting the situation. You should find instructions in the motherboard manual.