Hi, guys!
I'm trying to get a little more from my laptop.
Here is the current configuration:
Intel T2410, 2GHz, 3GB ram (cheap, slow, i suppose), Radeon HD3470, 250GB Toshiba 5400 rpm, 17", Vista Ultimate.

So my question is: what to buy, a 4GB kit of low latency memory, from Kingston (HyperX 4-4-4-12), or a 320GB 7200 rpm drive? Which one would increase best the performance?
In Vista score, the HDD gets a 5.3 score, and the memory gets 4.4, but on a desktop, i found that a faster HDD makes a lot of difference.

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I doubt either would make a noticeable difference.

Is your version of Vista 64bit? If not then IMO 3GB is ample.
I upgraded from 2GB Kingston (apparently cheap) to 4GB Crucial Ballistix. There is a slight difference in games (Mostly GTA), but boot up time and general usage no improvement.

HDD wise, I would only upgrade if you are nearing capacity.

Again IMO, save your money and if you feel up to it, read up on overclocking your CPU.


Like i said, that's the configuration of my laptop. Thanks for the answer, but it's still far from what i expected. I'm thinking of one of the two because I use programs like photoshop and microsoft expression, and it takes long to launch them, and if handling many files, there are some times the system doesn't respond. I know on 32bit system I only have 3.2, but it's not a problem. I don't use the whole 3Gb anyway, but speed would make a difference.

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