Gooday to you all, I am a new user of this site on my daughters pc which is so slow i've aged significantly posting this thread,
My problem is I have just upgraded my cpu to the amd quad cor phenom, which runs well in my asus m232-sli deluxe motherboard, however after flashing the bios (required for new chip) my LAN stoped working, a message insert driver disc comes up, the problem is my loving wife (yes she is beside me) decided in her wisdom to tidy my desk- getting rid of my crap, this it seams included my driver disc for my m-board, anyone who has used the asus website will know how slow it is and to be honest how useless it is, so has anyone out there got the same motherboard if so can you burn compress and email me a copy I am willing to pay for this, not much in this world is free, any help will be appreciated
Cheers aussteve

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Thanks jbennet, I have tried the usual downloads, but none of them contain the LAN drivers for xp, which is the one I need, but thanks in advance for all your efforts, I eagerly await your findings

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