These are the errors I get in relation to the HDD when I boot, and when I run a diagnostics test respectively.

Do I need to replace it or is there any hope for it?

Just yesterday I had been in the same situation except I had a code
(2000-0411) My drive had been making a clicking sound which I believed was the fatal click of death. I did buy two new drives as I thought I needed to be ready for the death. I too did a diagnostics,
what I found was that my drive Sata Cable was not sitting correctly in its position (in my laptop xps M1730) So far so good, I have made a back up of all my important info and waiting for the death.
More than likely the drive is failing and I will need to replace it.
If you can hear a click even when viewing web pages or some times a freeze upon trying to view that page it could be curtains for the drive. If possible it is always good to have a second drive to back up as you go in case of drive failure.
Good luck.(I had to jam a small piece) of foam between my computer frame and the sata cable fitting still going)