Hello everyone... this is my first post on daniweb. Hard to believe I've never signed up here before.

Here's my problem: when I turn my CRT monitor on, it looks fine for a few seconds, but then the screen goes fuzzy. It starts from the bottom, and climbs up to the top over a ~3 second period. This occurs even if the monitor is not connected to the computer when I power it on... i.e., the on screen menu looks fuzzy as well.

The good news is that it instantly clears itself up after a minute or two... occasionally, it will go fuzzy again after a few hours time, but generally returns to normal.

So what's the problem? Is this simply a sign that my monitor is on the verge of death, or is there something I can do to save it?

FYI, this is a Compaq MV940 19" CRT. Thanks for any help.


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reading your post and realising that great minds think alike[monitor is running towards end of days].Most likely the case.Ive never heard of a Graphics card thats causing your monitor to behave like this but than again it doesnt mean that its impossible. you can try a graphics card just for testing if indeed its the monitor. Before buying a new monitor do run that test first

I've confirmed the problem still exists with another graphics card. In fact, I've confirmed that the problem exists even without a graphics card... i.e., the monitor simply being powered on with no connection.

I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about monitors... for example, do I need a new flyback transformer? A new capacitor somewhere?

I can replace the monitor easily enough, but I'm a tinkerer, and I'd like to figure out the problem and attempt to fix it. (yes, I'm aware of the dangers of working inside of a monitor.)

ohk personally I never work on monitors cause of the dangers as you know. youll find someone here that will be willing to give you that creepy info.not my style i wanna live thats why I just buy a new one on companies expense
So I believe you swopped the monitors to see if the prob is indeed the monitor

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