i ripped apart my computer because i got impatient waiting for a case to come via fedex. unfortunately, my current power supply doesn't have a atx 12v connector, so had to put it all back D: now my hard drive led wont turn off, after fighting with it logically for an hour, i gave up and tried the damn plug every which way i could, mostly not working at all, but the best i can do is have it on all the time(which is when it's plugged into its correct pins)


hi patbarad,

are you sure you have not mistakenly connected you HDD LED to the power LED jumper?

Certainly seems kinda odd.

SE (Dave)

ya, that was my first guess, but my power led works fine too, thanks for replying though, never thought it would be this hard to get computer help on the internet, ironic isn't it...

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