Hello all.
Great site, wish I had of discovered it earlier. I have recently reformated my pc and I ran into a problem. After reinstalling the o/s I then tried to install my chipset drivers. I ended up with a corupt display. It looked like I was looking through a collidescope. I reformated again and used my motherboard utilities CD and all was fine. I went about reinstalling all my drivers and applications.I then plugged in the LAN cable and BOOM! the display went black. I restarted,but to no desktop, there were no beeps and or harddive activity upon the restart. I powered it off and tried again,nothing. I then cleared the CMOS and it booted to the desktop, but after 10seconds it went black again. I then removed the battery from the motherboard and cleared the CMOS again. this time the desktop came up but the dates and time reverted back to some obscure date and time. I adjusted them from the taskbar and restarted again. This time windows booted, but I windows asked me to activate my copy of XP Home. Man, I just reinstalled it why do I need to activate it before the 30 day limit. Needles to say I am unable to get back to the desktop. If anyone can help I would be very gratefull.

Motherboard. Gigabyte GA-81PE 1000pro revision1 F9 BIOS (latest release)
Intel P4 3.2GHz.
Videocard. ATI X800XT PE
Memory. 1GB Samsung DDR 3200.
Soundcard. Audigy ZS.


Hope this helps,
It locked you out because of the date getting reset, you are now 10+ years past the 30 day activation, per Microsoft...

You can get back in using safe mode F8...

You will need to activate it (in whatever way you would normally)

Hope that helps.

As far as it going blank when you plugged in the lan card and the other problems, I would suspect a marginal power supply... if you had a plug in lan card and not an onboard card I might suspect it was loose and nneded to be reseated.

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