I currently have a Logitech EX110 Wireless Keyboard and mouse, but the range on it isn't that great (2-6ft) from the receiver. Is there any way that i can safely extend this range to about 20ft?
I mostly use it for Power Point Presentations during Training Sessions.

Don't worry about voiding any warranty, it's already pass the time.

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Well, you could buy a USB extension to bring the base closer. I believe the signal is IR so maybe you could use a signal concentrator (some people say that they improve wireless signals using tin cans with both ends removed).


Is there some way i could attach an antenna to it to boost the range? I used to use the usb extension but that didn't work out so well. The frequency is 27Mhz


In the classroom, I found the Logitech diNovo Media Laser has done me proud, with a 30 metre range... apparently Microsoft's BlueTooth gear just as good, with even better battery life.

If you can get anything which uses BlueTooth2, the range is fantastic - a much better option than standard WiFi products.

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