Hi there,

I'm usually pretty good at trouble-shooting, and maybe I'm just hoping the motherboard isn't fried, but this happened in a pretty unusual way.
My husband just started working for a taxi business and they gave him a nextel walkie-talkie/gps unit. At about 3 in the morning last night, the speakers attached to the computer started emitting a very high-pitched, static-y noise and we turned them (the speakers) off. My husband said that earlier when he was using the Nextel near the computer, something similar happened.
Anyway, we woke up this morning and the monitor, USB keyboard and USB mouse will not respond to the computer. When I plug in the optical mouse to any of the 6 USB ports, it flashes red for just a second, and then nothing.
This is extremely perplexing to me.. We have a Dell Inspiron 530 running XP.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Normally when a walkie talkie is next to a computer there should not be any interference on receiving. If one transmits then you put out a certain amount of radiation (usually less than one watt) but being close to a machine can affect it adversely. the other possibility is that if you have a transceiver (walkie talkie) next to a computer some of the circuits in each machine can in some circumstance affect each other by a 'resonance'. This can give the symptoms you have heard and the outlook may not be good. I suspect you may need quite sophisticad electronic equipment ( or specialist shop repairer)to test the data buses and chips...