I've installed a new motherboard and processor. When I power up the unit, I see the processor cooling fan spinning but that is it. I'm not getting any video or POST boot errors.
Also, the only way to power down the unit is to shut it off at the power supply or un plug the unit. I've verified all connections on the motherboard are correct.
Which do I send back first, the processor or the motherboard?



If anything is faulty, it's the motherboard.
But before you send it in, did you adjust any settings, update BIOS, etc...?

They wouldn't be able to adjust settings or BIOS if he can't load to the BIOS.

If anything is bad it's the motherboard.

Check and make sure that the 4-pin power connector to the motherboard is plugged in. This provides additional power to the CPU and the system usually wont POST without it, if that's not the issue it's a defective motherboard.

-PS holding the power button down for 5 or 10 seconds (I always forget which) will force a hard power-down.

I agree. the if it where the CPU you would still be able to get to BIOS