i've got 4x2GB Kingston 800MHz mems, and i'd like to kick them up a notch from what they're currently running at, 1066 possible? CUPID says they're running at the following:
DRAM 400mhz, command rate 2T, fsb:ram 5:6, with the timing at 6,6,6,18, 52 for latencies and delays. i'm using an asus p5qe, pentium dual core 3.0, 500gb hd, WIN XP 64bit.

long and the short of it? where or how do i determine the the latencies without jacking up the timing and given EXCELLENT cooling, but not water, is 1066 okay with these boards?

any help, hints, pointers, clues are greatly appreciated. thanks, and yes, i'm ordering faster ddr2 now and for valentine's day i'm selling and going ddr3

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I'd be surprised if you notice much difference overclocking your RAM. However if you want to do it, technically 1066 is possible, but in reality I doubt it. 900 is probably your limit, maybe 950 with a decent voltage increase.

Your timings (6,6,6,18) seem a little loose. CPU-z should give you the RAM's timings at different speeds in a table. Yours may be correct, but many run at 5,5,5,15 these days, so worth checking.

I'd guess you're sitting at 2volts at the moment. Any decent overclock will require more, perhaps 2.1 I can't recommend giving them much more than that, 2.2 is probably safe, but 2.3 could be considered a gamble. Each module is different so it's hard to say for sure; better safe than sorry. Again, CPU-z's timing table should tell you what it needs at various speeds.

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hi,doing a quick not intense look, i cant find on the asus or a few reviews sites site where it says you board it ddr3 compatible

commented: thanks for checking it out and no i don't think it is ddr3 compatible +1

i don't think this board is ddr3 compatible so i'm putting off buying a new one for a bit. hence my interest in overclocking my 800mhz, which aren't running near 800mhz. its at 1.8volts right now, but those numbers aren't the timing its at but timings i could use at different mhz?

heres some data on my ram's current status, courtesy of cpuz:
Manufacturer : Kingston
Part Number : Unspecified
Serial Number : A7CCDB35
Type : DDR2-SDRAM PC2-6400 (399 MHz) - [DDR2-800]
Format : Regular UDIMM (133.35 x 0)
Size : 2048 MB (2 ranks, 8 banks)
Module Buffered : No
Module Registered : No
Module SLi Ready (EPP) : No
Width : 64-bit
Error Correction Capability : No
Max. Burst Length : 8
Refresh : Reduced (.5x)7.8 µs, Self Refresh
Voltage : SSTL 1.8v
Prefetch Buffer : 4-bit
Manufacture : Week 7 of 2009
Supported Frequencies : 333 MHz, 400 MHz
CAS Latency (tCL) : 4 clocks @333 MHz, 5 clocks @400 MHz
RAS to CAS (tRCD) : 5 clocks @333 MHz, 6 clocks @400 MHz
RAS Precharge (tRP) : 5 clocks @333 MHz, 6 clocks @400 MHz
Cycle Time (tRAS) : 15 clocks @333 MHz, 18 clocks @400 MHz
Min TRC : 20 clocks @333 MHz, 24 clocks @400 MHz.

wait sorry, that last post is data from pc wizard 2009, a program by the same company. the cpuz data is the data in the first posting. the processor i have overclocks well from what i've read but i don't know if that would speed up everything either. maybe i have too much RAM, is 8GB a hinderance and not a help? should i buy 4x1 in a faster MHz for better performance?

It looks like your RAM is currently set to it's default latencies, speed and volts. I can't imagine a situation where you'd get much benefit from overclocking the speed. Reducing the latencies would give you a theoretical boost, but in reality you'd wouldn't notice a difference.

CPU-z says your RAM is at 400MHz, which is actually 800MHz due to the Double Date Rate (hence DDR).

As for 4x2 Vs 4x1, stick with the 4x2. As long as you're running a 64bit system, the extra RAM is there if you need it (though what a casual user would need 8GB for I can't imagine.)

the casual user you speak of couldn't pass up a good deal and then decided to just make them all match to avoid problems. i was hoping the overkill would give me lightning fast bootups and shut downs along with the usual but that hasn't happened. it runs every program great and fast so i shouldn't complain. i don't know why it boots up slow i've cleared the start up list, i have no idea why it shuts down sooooo slow. i guess i'll leave the RAM settings alone unless you think the timing should be adjusted to the 5,5,5,15.
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query: how much could i speed up my system if i partitioned the 500gb hard drive into two or three segments? worth it?

query: how much could i speed up my system if i partitioned the 500gb hard drive into two or three segments? worth it?

not sure but i dough it would speed it up at all ,no more that a regular disk defrag wouldn't do

A CrapCleaner scan (ccleaner.com) for issues and old files might help a bit.

Could occasionally put the computer in sleep mode rather than shutdown, but for some people that takes just as long anyway.

the casual user you speak of couldn't pass up a good deal and then decided to just make them all match to avoid problems

:) Yeah, the same thing happened to me, I have 8GB also though I never use it all ;)

haha, yeah, well i guess we're ready for...uh...something. thanks for all the help. have a good weekend.

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