I just finished building my first computer about 30 minutes ago. Everything seems to be connected okay, I bought an aftermarket Heatsink/fan and Artic Silver thermal paste. Other specs are,
ASUS intel Mobo
Intel E8500
corsair 620W power supply
EVGA nvidia GTX 260

When I ran the initial BIOS setup, it stopped about 4 device checks into it and said "CPU over Temp."

I'm guessing I installed the heatsink incorrectly. Could it be anything else? if not, how could I go about fixing this?

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Very nice setup you have there :)

So you can't get to the point of checking temperatures in the BIOS?

I'd re-do the CPU heatsink. Take it off, clean both surfaces with iso-wipes, making sure not to touch them with your fingers (oils).

Re-apply the AS-5, using a tiny amount. Put the heatsink on, give it some small twists to spread out the goop, then clamp it.

Do you think I should risk trying to get to the screen that tells me the actually temperature? or just reapply heatsink? Also, where could I find some of those iso-wipes. I remember reading to only use cleaners high isopropyl, but I didn't have anything laying around like that.

I get mine from JayCar, which is a electronics chain here in Australia

Here's another brand manufactured in England: http://www.intertronics.co.uk/products/adh1610.htm

That's just what I use. There's many different options but most are basically a lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

Whether you go into the BIOS and check the temperatures or not, I think you should re-apply the heatsink. So yeah, maybe just skip straight to part 2.

Oh yes, I must mention; be very 'static conscious' when doing anything with your CPU. Don't wear only socks when you do it (that sounds dodgy, but you know what I mean), and balance your charge by touching a metal part of the computer case. Nervous types can get an electrostatic wrist band, but that seems a bit over the top to me.

Have a through read of the heatsink's manual so make sure you're attaching it correctly.

... and you can blow cold air at the CPU from an external fan; I've had to do this when the case of my Quaddie was open.

Does this phenomenon occur when the case is closed? If so, are you sure all the fans are working and correctly extracting hot air and drawing in cool? That sort of rig needs a serious fan at the top to vent the hot air.

of course all the advice you've already received is totally valid.

Actually, my application of the heatsink was fine, I noticed that before it said the CPU was overheating, it said it was an unknown CPU. So, I updated to BIOS to the newest version, and it works just fine now. My CPU is at a very nice 31 C. Thanks though guys.

cool (in all senses of the word)

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