Hey guys jusxt needed some help, i have a ASUS M51Sn laptop
SPECS= Intel core2duo T9300 2.5ghz
2gb ram
9500m GS Nvidia geforce graphics 512mb
15.4x LCD
So far i have turn of all unused services , features,etc, All the reg tweAKS AND SO-ON, oh YEAH I'M RUNNING VISTA HOME PREMIUM.
But not getting the speedy response as i do with xp, I have two harddrives one withh xp and one with vista. Anyone i was wondering am i able to upgrade to a quad core cpu or a 3ghz core2duo?
If anyone can give me some advice on this and some prices it would be very much appreciated. even if someone can give me some more tweaks that i can do if i have not yetalready done them. Too many to put down to what i've done so......

Cannot upgrade the processor

It's shouldn't be that slow with a dual core and 2gb of memory you can try and upgrade but if it's not 64 bit 4gb is the max

Hey freshfitz, thanks for the reply, and just want to say, it actually ain't slow, but i'm just trying to squeeze more power out of it, and thanks for the link cause there was a couple tweaks i didn't do, The reg tweaks has help with the responsiveness, but i'm still chasing for better, until i get it as responsive as my xp installation i ain't givin up just yet, So is the CPU upgrade out of the question?
what about the new T9800 that will be coming out, do you think i'll be able to put that into my laptop?
Or My graphics?,Am i able to upgrade my GPU?
Any links or advice would be muuch appreciated thanks.

Sorry i said thanks to the wrong person for the link for the tweaks, Anyways thanks alot for the link, cause it was very useful.
If you can give me some advice on the CPU upgrade that would be very much appreciated. thanks mate

You cant upgrade the CPU in that laptop. all current-gen intel mobile CPUS are bga (ball grid array) instead of socketed - that means they are physically soldered on and cant be removed non-destructively.

Are you sure, cause i've had a quick look, And after taking the back cover of, i remove all neccessary screws and then take of the fan and heat pipes and the cpu is kept on with a twist of a screw, twist it to the left and you can take it of with no effort, So i don't think its soldiered on, but as for the CPU up grade, I still want to look into that , so if anyone can help me it would be great thanks.

Thanks for the link once again. By the way do you have a desktop or a laptop, either way, could you let me know how yours is running, I have a desktop but thinking of building another one. THANKS

i have both ,but it irrelevant as to how they work ,laptop is old p3,1000,it works just fine !desktop is 5 yr old P4 2.8 it works ok for what i use it for !
in my opinion you will not see the difference in the 2 cpu after you upgrade

Yeah the only thing you will really notice the difference in is video encoding etc.... day to day stuff will be prettmymuch the same speed.

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