Hi all

I just bought my new AMD Phenom x4 and a new mobo. I installed Everest Ultimate just now and noticed that the sensor report is the following
CPU 78 C
Core 1 37 C
Core 2 37 C
Core 3 37 C
Core 4 37 C

Cooling Fans
CPU 2897 RPM

Core temperatures look ok but CPU says 78 is this normal, and in theory aren't they all the same physical thing? I am using the heatsink and fan that came with the chip and the thermal paste was pre-applied.

Many thanks


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I would make sure the mobo has the latest bios installed, as that looks to be a reading problem.
What are all the readings under load? Download OCCT and run it for 5 minutes (unless things get too hot) and see what the temps get to.

yea like crunchie said sounds like reading error to me

I updated to the latest version of Everst and the temperature reading is normal, CPU 40 Degrees.
Sorry guys I feel like a right tool, I should have updated first.

Thanks, and sorry


np glad your problem is solved

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