Hi,i typed my post in another section and i am typing it again.
I am not a good computer user and my brother brought my computer for me and i dont even know the brand of my computer and the video card and all i know is that it's window xp and runned very smoothly until now.
Few weeks ago when i was playing total war my monitor suddenly turn black and was switched off, so i restart my computer and started the game again and the same thing happened, and i though it was just the video card overheated, and the next day when i only turned on my comp for 5 minute and not even play any games the same thing happened and i restart my computer and 5 minutes later the monitor black out again.
(i am using my brother's computer typing this)
Please give some advice,Thx!

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Hi,i typed my post in another section and i am typing it again...

Hi tom_oxygen- welcome to TechTalk :)

We ask that members not start multiple threads on the same question, as it's confusing and inefficient to have our helpers simultaneously troubleshooting the same problem in two or more different areas of the forum(s).

Given that, I've deleted your duplicate post in the Windows 2000,XP,2003 forum. Please stick with your thread here, as this forum is the most appropriate place for the particular problems you're having.

Thanks for understanding...

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