I have been trying to help a customer with upgrading a handfull of his MACs to Gigabit, but not really being a MAC person, I didn't notice the version of OS version most Gigabit NICs require.

Now I know they arn't going to upgrade their OS to OSX just for gig networking, so I wanted to know. Does anyone know of a reliable brand and Model of NIC that will work with OS9 and OS9.2?


You are going to need to search for PCI cards that are Gigibit in speed, and work in Macintoshes that operate OS 9. Asante might make some... so may Farallon.

If these computers are really old, and are running with NuBus slots in them, then forget the idea. NuBus cards will not operate fast enough to support Gigabit. Well, the cards will... but the bus will not get the information to the processor in a reasonable time to support it.


I thought there may be hardware restrictions as well.
Thanks for the info.


You betcha.

Also note that the new Macs from a year or so to current should have Gigabit already onboard.



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