Just put an AMD 64 3000+ CPU on an Asus 8KNE-Deluxe with a Thermal Take 360 W PSU. I push the power button and the PSU fan starts to turn, the CPU fan starts to turn, then nothing. It will "start" when I push the button, then quit.

I am suspicious that the 360W PSU isn't enough for the rig - I unplugged all my peripherals (hd, cdrom, video card, etc) to reduce the power strain, but still the same thing.

Any ideas?

Does it stay "on" or just completely shut down after a short period of time?

It didn't stay on - shut down completely. I fixed it last night. I swapped the Thermal Take PSU with a 450W PSU and it works fine now. Duh, should'da known.

Well its christmas and i installed BF 2142 and i decided to take a nap, i wake up turn the machine on again and now it gets to the windows screen with the lil blue bar going back and forth and it keeps restarting....

Hello, My friend gave me his computer to see if I could get it started up again. He said he took out the mobo and placed it into a new tower. He turn on and got nothing. Nothing turns on at all.The mobo is a Asus P5dn2-sli.has a g-force 6800 vetro only one.1 gig of memory.775 socket. When powering on only the red led inside lights, green led does not. I have revmoved and reset all cables,memory,remove one at a time.Tryed placing in another case, no power,no
beeps.Had it on table pluged in using screw driver to start nothing. switch pw reset speaker swithes each way. Nothing. removed battery.moved pins, reset back, nothing. took out pci card,replaced with another. nothing. My only guess is that when he placed it back into the new tower he tighten too much and shorted out half the mobo. no stud on bottom of chassie.Anything else can i look for. He wants me to purchase another mobo, but what if the cpu is dead, how can I check for that. Any advice will be helpfull t.y wally.

The only way to check the cpu would be to try it in another machine and se if gets you anywhere. Other than that I dont think you have very many options to try on.

Dude you should have started another thread as this one is already solved and most of us are not going to go into a solved thread but anyways see if you can get your cpu checked.


Thanks for the help gentlemen, I am new to your site,and will have to get use to all the new stuff on it. I will search deeper next time to see if I can find an answer before asking. Thanks again.