I have a mobo on my other computer... basically my prob is that I don't know if (Inno3D GF9500GT 512MB 128Bit DDR2 or Inno3D GF9500GT 1GB 128Bit DDR2) is compatible with this mobo... GIGABYTE GA-8I915ME-GV... I also attached the site http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Spec.aspx?ProductID=1932. Hopefully someone could help me.

Expansion Slots

1. 1 x PCIe x 16 slot (x4 mode)

That means it is.

There is no issue with regards if its DDR2 or DD3... or even the memory? 512mb or 1Gb...

None, the memory on the graphics card works completely independently from that of the mobo.

Ok... Thanks so much sir Rik.... you've been a great help to me... More power to you and this community... You guys are great here... Ill be spending my time here... If I can also be a help to others... I will...

Make sure your PSU is up to running the card tho. Most cards have a minimum wattage and / or amperage for the PSU.

The PSU is the most commonly overlooked component in a PC yet one of the most important.

PSU could be the one most overlooked parts but you cannot ignore problems occurring due to graphics cards as well.

I never said anything about ignoring any graphics problems at all!!

I'm sorry sir but I dont fully understand these issues about PSUs' with regards to the other components? Please kindly expand the explanation.

There is a sticker on the side of your PSU. PSU stands for Power Supply Unit. You need to have a look at said sticker and let us know what make and model it is, what wattage it is, and how may amps it can output on the 12 volt rail. There may well be more than one 12 volt rail so we will need to know how many there are.

Sir Rick Im very sorry just saw your only... I've been busy at work and at home... Thats why I forgot about it... Ill check it later after Im back from home. Ill be going there at break time.


Input 115v-8A 60Hz 230v-4A 50Hz

Output 400W Max
+5v +12v -5v -12v +3.3v +5VSB
26A 17A 0.5A 0.8A 15A 2.0A

What about make and model?

17amps on the 12volt rail is a bit on the low side these days.
Most systems need 18amps or more.

What PSU should I get then? Coz, later I'll be adding-up 1pc-320gbSATA(HDD), 1pc-DVD-RW, FX5500 256mb(VGA). Any suggestions sir?

Go for a good quality 450watt or more and you will be fine.

My advice is to spend as much as you can reasonably afford on your PSU.
A decent quality PSU will last longer, run cooler, and do less or no damage should it fail many years down the line. Decent PSU's also tend to be quieter too.

So, Ric, do you have any suggestion for a good PSU?

Well, I have an eye-t PSU that has given me 4 years flawless service so far....

I have the 450watt dual fan which they no longer make but eye-t PSU's seem to be decent quality and relatively cheap (mine was only £24.99 new).