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Before turning on your computer, unplug any USB devices plugged in. Turn on the computer and wait. If it gets passed the part where it didn't work it's fixed. Another thing you could try is this. (You must have at least two computers or a laptop) Get a floppy disc or if you have burning software use that. Make a bootable disc or in the case that you are using a floppy disc go into format and format as bootable disc... Ahihihihi:twisted: By the way, you must have the same windows as the other computer. When that is done put the disc into the suffering computer and go into where you find Safe Mode and boot from the CD. (or floppy) Now try doing whatever comes on-screen. Another thing is if you have a Norton antivirus etc... then put the CD in and boot from that. Hope it helps...


Thanks for the reply but I didn't need to go that far. The troubleshooting I performed did the trick and if that hadn't worked I was just going to reinstall XP and add in all the service packs. As it is, I am doing fine now and appreciate the response.

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