i recently built myself a new system which seems to work ok, but i cant get my floppy drive or zip drive to work. i have a SATA hardrive connected up and working fine, a CD-RW and DVD-ROM drive on one ribbon cable (CD-RW set as master, DVD as slave), and then i have another hardrive and a zip drive on the second ribbon cable (hardrive as master, zip as slave). then theres the poo old floppy drive on its FDD cable =p
the cd drives and the hardrive work fine, but the zip and floppy wont! windows detects them both and they are both shown in explorer and my computer etc but discs dont work correctly in them. if i put a floppy in the floppy drive (as you do) it will say "disc is not formatted, format now?" so when u do the format window stays up for a bit then a message comes up saying windows cannot format this disc and when u close this message and the format window another message comes up saying, disc in drive a cannot be formatted. you can try as many discs as you like but the same thing will come up time and time again.
the zip has a similar problem, you can atleast get into an inserted disc and re-format etc, but if you put something on the disc, take it out, and put it back in the drive and try to open the file, it says its corrupt and you cant delete it or anything. its so annoying and ive tried everything i can think of! please help! If youd rather use msn to talk this is my address email address edited by alc6379

I had a similar problem, and I uninstalled Ahead InCD. Seems to work ok now.