I am facing a strange problem in my PC lately.

The "My Computer" simply stopped showing "DVD Drive"...... So I checked Device Manager..... There it is showing " ! " symbol with the Dvd Drive.

I felt it must be some Driver issue, so tried updating it, but had no success. I also dint get any specific Driver CD with my purchase.

The strange part is that....

I was reinstalling my XP, the DVD rom worked perfectly during the first phase. And it started giving problem after the PC rebooted and XP was loaded for me to enter settings.

Please help !! :)

Thanks ! :)

I think there should be problem in your DVD lens,
the only solution for this download Disk dvd cleaner software. which cleans ur drive..
hope it works...

Hello Atove !! :)

I went through that Page, and I think his problem was same as mine.

I am trying out the solution posted there now.

Will let you know if it worked. :)

Thank you very much any ways !! :)

Have a Good Day !! :)

Bye !

@ Vincent2085

Thanks a lott.... but luckily my problem aint as big as that... !! :)

@ Atove

Hey...... that worked........ now I can use my DvD rom very well !! :D

Thanks a lott !! :)

Have a good day !! :)

No problem, glad i could help!

Have a good day also!

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